We use and master many techniques to create decors adapted to your materials,
depending on aesthetics, durability and your budget.

Originally, the principal activity of Bouvier Signalétique was engraving, with all that the word contains of nobility and ancestral know-how. This high quality and durable marking technique also provides the possibility of coloring in enamel or paint. Our high-performance equipment in this field also allows us to cut any PVC and aluminum support, in formats up to 4000 × 3000 mm in a single passage.
3d digital printing CMYK digital printing or four-colour process printing, white and varnish on flexible or rigid supports (vinyl, tarpaulin, PVC, etc.). Printing up to 2500mm wide. Gloss or matt anti-graffiti and anti-UV lamination.

The process proposed by EAC is based on a revolutionary technique, being an intelligent and different way of producing. This 3D printing technique is non-fusional. It is not only more efficient than laser fusion, but also more productive. This results in better quality and precision than anything else to date. This technology brings a better finish, which makes it ideal for the development of metal ornaments intended for the luxury market. The manufacturing procedure is high speed. The manufactured parts are stackable unlike laser fusion. For this new manufacturing technique, no support is necessary, a guarantee of quality and a respect of the final shape of the parts of your dreams.
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quadri oxydaprint anodizationFour-colour process printing technique on aluminum. A chemical treatment allows the ink to penetrate the core of the aluminum. In the final phase, sealing provides special resistance to scratches, graffiti and any other possible damage to the decor.
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cutting machining Two 4000 × 2000 mm and 4000 × 3000 mm cutting tables have been installed at our Croissy-Beaubourg site, for cutting PVC, wood, laminate, and aluminum from vector files.
installation survey No need to do anything …. Our team manages everything from A to Z (aerial platforms, shovels, installation…). Everything is under control ! Nationwide intervention.